Seth Thomas Clock Repair Example – Cary, NC

Seth Thomas Tambour clockHere is an example of how we document a clock repair and how we will do it for you!

This is a Seth Thomas Tambour clock that is 116 years old. Seth Thomas movement #89 – Strikes the hour and half hour. The dial is porcelain and in MINT shape (no cracks or damage). The hands of this clock, as well as the mainsprings, are blued and are in great shape for their age.

The clock came in not working due to bushing wear and residue build up on the pivots from old oil (see photo below).

Seth Thomas Tambour clock

Next we disassemble and clean the clock movement, piece by piece.

Seth Thomas Tambour parts

After each part is cleaned and rebushed, using the finest Swiss clock tools, then it’s time to reassemble and test the timing of the movement using 2012 technology.

Seth Thomas Tambour clock

Once the movement is tested and keeping proper (accurate) time, it is returned to it’s case for one final set of tests.

Seth Thomas Tambour clock

If you look closely in the top right corner, you can see where a previous clock repairman worked on the clock and etched April 6,1920 into the brass plate. It was customary to do this before computers but now we document it electronically and with photos!

This type of repair comes with a two year warranty.

Please give us a call and remember we are happy to perform this service free of charge on ANY clock we repair.

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